Benefits of Custom Content

The Benefits of Custom Content

“Although general knowledge provides a necessary baseline, proprietary knowledge provides companies with competitive advantage.”

- IDC e-Learning White Paper


Before evaluating how custom e-Learning content can benefit your organization it is important to clarify the distinction between the two primary categories of e-Learning courses: Off-the-Shelf (OTS) and Custom:

OTS Courses

OTS courses are typically designed to cover subject areas that are common across businesses and industries. Example OTS course subjects include professional skills, environmental health and safety, and compliance training.

OTS course have limited customization options and are usually sold by vendors to customers as licensed software products (generally a variation of a per-user licensing model).

Custom Courses

Custom e-Learning courses are courses built specifically for the unique needs of an organization. With customized e-Learning, the training is tailored specifically to address the training needs of an organization’s learner audience.

The initial development cost of custom courses is usually (though not always) higher than initial licensing cost of an OTS course. However, there are no ongoing licensing fees for an organization to use custom content.

Benefits of custom content include:

Training Content Tailored to Your Organization

Customized e-Learning will clearly be your own – reflecting and reinforcing your unique company culture:

  • The tone of the writing and the look of the fonts, narration and graphics reflects your organization’s conventions.
  • The examples, scenarios and case studies used can be based on your company or industry.
  • The way in which testing, reinforcement and remediation are delivered is consistent with your businesses approach.
  • The overall look and feel, as well as the common threads running throughout your training curriculum is reflected in custom content.
Your Work Processes

OTS courses are designed to deliver common, one-size-fits-all training. With OTS courses it is often difficult for learners to apply these generic concepts to their own work environments.

For example, OTS safety training might be confusing to your companies learners because the generic terminology is different from your signage and your unique operating procedures.

With Custom e-Learning, the focus is on your training for your audiences and your organization, so the real world applications and expectations are clear and obvious for each learner.

Your Technology

Customized e-Learning is tailored to work seamlessly with you technology infrastructure. You can avoid potential technical problems with custom courses designed to fit your bandwidth, platform, browser, and software requirements.

Your Compliance Requirements

The most critical training challenges are often associated with regulatory compliance and professional certifications. Customized e-Learning can standardize and streamline all the mandatory training, testing, certification, and recordkeeping components. You can minimize downtime for training, while providing a strong, consistent message and reliable recordkeeping and certification.

Your Focus

With customized e-Learning, you can select only those components of training that are most applicable for your organization and needs. No need to wade through a lot of extraneous content – get right to the point with hard-hitting, focused training designed specifically to your needs.


TDX Global can create your custom e-Learning program using our proven Express Content Development methodology. Please contact us to discuss your e-Learning requirements.