New e-Learning Project?

Starting a New e-Learning Project

Starting a new e-Learning project can be a daunting challenge. Every project requires a range of decisions to be made early on about technology, timeline, and budgets. Each of these decisions will affect how well the e-Learning addresses core project business goals.

At TDX Global, we take a consultative approach to custom e-Learning development. This means that the first thing we do is take the time to learn about your e-Learning priorities. After we understand your objectives we then identify options and approaches designed to successfully accomplish your goals.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Contact TDX Global

Talk to one of our consultants about your organization’s current training methodologies, performance objectives, and e-Learning goals.

One of the key considerations is: What should the training audience be able to do once they have completed the training? The answer to this learner-centric question will affect the instructional design and development strategy for the project.

Our consultants understand that every e-Learning project is unique and are trained to ask the right questions to determine the best strategy for accomplishing project goals.

2. Project Quote

After step #1, our consultants will be able to determine if TDX Global is in a position to provide your organization

If we are in a position to provide an e-Learning solution to your organization, we will (at your request) send a quote that details approaches and options for the project. Our quotes explain exactly what we will do and precisely what the costs are. Often, we can send prototypes or demos of the solutions outlined in the quote.

3. Project Management

If you elect to contract with TDX Global, we will provide a dedicated project manager for the duration of the project. The project manager will provide you a project schedule that details every step in the development process and when each step will be completed. All projects include designated client review and sign-off points to ensure that your stakeholders have multiple chances to approve work before the development is completed.


At TDX Global we pride ourselves on offering honest, straightforward and practical advice to clients and prospective clients. Please contact us today to discuss your next e-Learning development project.