Why use e-Learning?

Benefits of e-Learning

Today, organizations are recognizing enormous benefits from the utilization of e-Learning technology. Benefits of e-Learning include:

Anytime, Anywhere Convenience

With e-Learning, learners can access training when they want and where they want. The internet enables learners to access courses at home, at their desktops or anywhere with a web connection.


One of the major benefits of e-Learning training technology relative to instructor-led training is that it eliminates the expense and inconvenience of getting the instructor and students in the same place.

E-Learning enables learners to access training when it best fits into their work schedule. The anytime, anywhere convenience of e-Learning means employees can use their own time more efficiently, as they no longer need to travel to attend a training session.

Higher Retention of Training Content

The self-paced nature of e-Learning technology provides learners the ability to proceed through the course as information is fully understood; this control over the learning process results in better comprehension of the content and a shorter learning curve than instructor-led training.

Higher retention of the training material means that every dollar spent on e-Learning delivers a better result than alternative forms of training delivery.

Reduced Training Time

E-Learning allows learners to focus on the content that is most relevant to them. This capability significantly reduces training time and cost when compared to alternative training delivery methods.


Today there are thousands of e-Learning courses on a wide variety of subjects available to learning and training organizations. This range of content empowers managers to implement the training that most effectively meets their organization’s training requirements.


The content of e-Learning courses are delivered uniformly to all learners. This ensures that all learners are getting consistent, accurate instruction on subject matter that is important to your organization.

Accuracy and Focus of Training

E-Learning technology enables managers to deliver real-time updates to training content across the entire network. This ensures that learners are accessing the most current and relevant instruction on the particular subject.

Automated Tracking and Reporting

E-Learning has been designed to readily support the automated tracking of learner progress and completion of classes. The centralized tracking and aggregation of training data provides managers the ability to run compliance reports and track the use, ROI, and effectiveness of the training program.

Proven Technology

E-learning works. Companies have successfully used e-Learning successfully to boost employee productivity, increase skills, improve sales, develop leaders, comply with regulatory requirements, train channel partners, and orient new-hires.


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