TDX Global Products Include:

Courses (off-the-shelf)

Through our exclusive distributor partnership with ProLearning Solutions, LLC, TDX Global offers a library of customizable Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Security Awareness, Import/Export, and Compliance e-Learning courses.


Test Modules (SCORM, AICC, & non-SCORM)

Will it work with our Learning Management System (LMS)? To help answer this question, TDX Global has an array of e-Learning course test modules available for loading and testing with your LMS.

ProLearning Tracker

ProLearning Tracker is a software application that can be embedded in any existing e-Learning course to automate the tracking of course completion information (for organizations that do not have a Learning Management System infrastructure in place).


Assessment Center

The TDX Global Assessment Center is an ideal solution for any organization that has a need to test and certify employees, channel-partners, or customers. The Assessment Center includes all the tools you need to author, administer, deliver, and report on online assessments.