Assessment Center

Assessment Center

The TDX Global Assessment Center is an ideal solution for any organization that has a need to test and certify employees, channel-partners or customers. With the Assessment Center you can verify product knowledge, company policies, safety procedures, or any other topics relevant to your organization.

The TDX Global Assessment Center includes all the tools you need to author, administer, deliver, and report on online assessments. With TDX Global e-Learning Support Services (ESS), we’ll work with your subject-matter experts to convert all your existing paper-based testing assets into online assessments.

The TDX Global assessment authoring tool supports the following features:

  • Shuffled answer choices
  • Randomized question delivery
  • Configure number of answer attempts
  • Question level feedback
  • Instant reporting of results to students and training managers
  • Question banking
  • Question weighting
  • Multiple Question types: true/false, multiple choice/response,fill-in-the-blank, matching, ranking

The TDX Global Assessment Center tracking system enables training managers to assign assessments to individuals or groups of learners. A suite of comprehensive reports provides training managers with detailed reports on assessment completions and results.

To learn more about the Assessment Center contact a TDX Global representative.