ProLearning Tracker

ProLearning Tracker

Track e-Learning course completions, without a Learning Management System.

One of the benefits of e-Learning technology is the ability to automatically track e-learning course completions. Accurate training completion records facilitate internal reporting, regulatory compliance audits, and certification tracking.

To enable automated tracking, organizations typically install a Learning Management System (LMS) and use it to deploy standards-conformant e-Learning courses (e.g. the AICC and/or SCORM standards).

Occasionally there are situations where an organization needs to track e-Learning course completions, but are unable to use an LMS for the launching and tracking of the content – either the LMS infrastructure is unavailable or learners in the intended course audience do not have LMS user accounts (e.g. contractors or customers).

The solution for these types of situations is the ProLearning Tracker.

ProLearning Tracker is a software application that can be embedded in most existing e-Learning course to automatically record learner name, date/time of course completion, course name, and employee ID number.

ProLearning Tracker records completion results in a centralized database and includes a secure-password protected administrative interface for managers to access comprehensive course completion reports. ProLearning Tracker does not rely on SCORM or AICC standards conformance which makes it a perfect tracking solution for automated tracking of non-standard and legacy courseware.

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