ProLearning Tracker: How it Works

ProLearning Tracker: How it Works

ProLearning Tracker has a Learner interface and a Manager Module:

For Learners:

When the learner successfully completes an e-Learning course the ProLearning Tracker software activates and prompts the learner to enter their name and identifying information (i.e. employee ID number).

ProLearning Tracker records the completion information and presents the learner with a printable course completion certificate.

For Managers:

To view completion records a manager logs into the password-protected ProLearning Tracker Manager Module

After logging in the manager will be presented with a completion report that includes comprehensive user completion data, including: course name, learner name, Employee ID number (optional), and the completion date/time.

To learn more about ProLearning Tracker contact a TDX Global representative.