Test Modules

Test Modules: SCORM, AICC, & non-SCORM

When selecting an e-Learning vendor one of the most important considerations is:
Will it work in our technical environment?

You do not want to spend weeks and months working with a vendor to develop a custom e-Learning course only to discover that your organization’s Learning Management System (LMS) does not properly launch and track the course.

Even with industry-wide adoption of the SCORM and AICC standards it is still possible for different software providers standards interpretation and implementation to result in compatability issues.

To mitigate these possible issues, TDX Global has an array of e-Learning course test modules available for loading and testing with your LMS. By testing LMS/course compatibility before starting a project, you’ll have confidence that when the final course development is finished the LMS will be able to properly launch, track, and bookmark the course.