Express Content Development

The number one request that I hear from learning and training colleagues is for tools, methods and
approaches that allow for rapid development of content.

- Elliot Masie, Learning TRENDS #282





Does your organization need to rapidly develop interactive e-Learning courses?

If so, Express Content Development (ECD) is the answer. ECD is TDX Global’s proven methodology for converting existing training assets (such as PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, handouts, notes, videos, etc) into interactive e-Learning courses.

Traditionally, creating custom content meant organizations had to devote significant internal resources to extensive development projects or spend exorbitant amounts of money to outsource the project to an e-Learning vendor. The overall process has been characterized by long development cycles and costs of tens of thousands of dollars per finished hour of content.

To solve these seemingly intractable e-Learning development problems, TDX Global has successfully introduced the Express Content Development (ECD) process. With TDX Global ECD, e-Learning projects that would have taken months now only take weeks (if not days). In the amount of time it would have taken to develop a single course in the old model, TDX Global can develop entire training curriculums.

TDX Global ECD is made possible by paradigm-shifting advances in development tools and a process that extensively leverages organizations’ existing training assets. Rather than viewing the process of custom content creation as extended software development projects, the ECD process efficiently and systematically converts existing learning materials into interactive, engaging, standards-compliant e-Learning.

TDX Global ECD is a comprehensive service offering more than just custom content development. TDX Global provides organizations the tools, training, support, and services to create, modify, and update e-Learning courses as company processes and best-practices evolve over time.

If your organization is ready for custom e-Learning courses without the high costs and long development cycles, contact a TDX Global Account Representative today to discuss Express Content Development.