DVD/VHS Conversion

DVD/VHS Conversion

Converting your old DVDs and VHS videotapes to an e-Learning delivery format offers significant benefits to training organizations
Converting your old DVDs and VHS videotapes to an e-Learning delivery format offers significant benefits to training organizations:


Do you have DVD or VHS training videos that you would like to convert to e-Learning?

Converting your training DVDs and VHS tapes to an e-Learning delivery format offers significant benefits to organizations:

Automated tracking capabilities

When you convert your existing DVD/VHS video to an e-Learning format you can automatically track training completions, assessment results, and/or course bookmarking information with a SCORM-conformant Learning Management System or the ProLearning Tracker software.


Watching a training video is a passive learning experience. When you convert to e-Learning delivery you can add simulations, interactive exercises, links to other materials, and a variety of other elements to create an engaging, active learning experience.

Course assessments

When you convert a DVD/VHS to an e-Learning format you can add assessment questions to verify that learners have understood and retained the concepts in the training.


If you need to train a lot of people quickly or update the skills of a geographically dispersed team e-Learning is the answer. E-Learning is the most efficient way to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

No more lost media

Keeping track of DVD and VHS tapes over the years can be a challenge. Converting to e-Learning delivery enables you to store and backup electronic copies of the training materials.

No media degradation

Transport and handling of DVDs can result in scratched discs creating playback problems for your learners. VHS tape not only breaks down over time, but degrades with every playback. With e-Learning delivery a perfect digital copy of the video can be played back forever.

Anytime, anywhere convenience

E-Learning enables a geographically dispersed learning audience to access training when they want and where they want. Training courses can be accessed from any computer with a web connection – at work, at home, or on the road.

Content editing

DVDs and VHS tapes are generally difficult to edit and update. When you convert to an e-Learning format you can pick and chose the best parts of the video to incorporate, add new video clips, and even modify the existing content and appearance of the source video.

E-learning works

Everyday more and more organizations are successfully utilizing e-Learning technology to boost employee productivity, increase skills, improve sales, develop leaders, comply with regulatory requirements, and orient new-hires.

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