Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

TDX Global offers a range of technical services designed to help organizations get the most out of their e-Learning systems:

Learning Management System (LMS) / Courseware Integration

The use of standards (eg. SCORM/AICC) in the e-Learning industry has greatly reduced interoperability issues between LMSs and e-Learning content. However, occasionally situations arise where the LMS and course are unable to reliably communicate – this is usually the result of non-conforming courseware or improper standard conformance of the LMS.

These compatibility issues can often be solved by making basic modifications to the course manifest file or how the course implements SCORM Run Time Environment (RTE) calls to the LMS. On rare occasions there are more complex issues that prevent LMS/Content communications.

TDX Global has extensive experience troubleshooting these kinds of issues – particularly with legacy courses that may still have applicable content, but were not built to adhere to current standards. Before giving up on a course (or your LMS), please contact TDX Global to discuss how we may troubleshoot and correct the issue.

Data Management

Data management services include anything from a one-time import of user information into during an LMS migration, developing a regular data export into the company ERP software system, data backup and archiving, or reconciling duplicate and incomplete training records.

Re-engineering/Rebuilding Existing e-Learning Courses

If you have an e-Learnng course that was built with outdated development tools or is unsupported by the originalk developer we may be able to help. TDX Global’s development team can take any existing online training asset and rebuild it in a technical format that is more useful to your organization’s needs.

Hosting Solutions

A hosted e-Learning system enables organizations to recognize all the benefits of e-Learning without the time, cost, and resource strain that an in-house system places on the IT systems and staff.

TDX Global offers cost-effective hosting services for e-Learning courses and applications. We use a secure tier-one data center with round-the-clock support, scalable hardware infrastructure, system redundancy, and automated backups for all hosting solutions.

3rd Party Course Evaluation

Purchasing packaged courseware from a 3rd party vendor can be a challenging task. With TDX Global Technology Services we can perform a evaluation of the content to ensure that it will work properly in your technical environment. At your request, we’ll also assess the instructional-design and even the pricing model of the course supplier.

Mobile Learning (m-Learning) Development

M-Learning is a rapidly evolving technology in the learning and training industry. In the broad sense the term ‘m-Learning’ includes any kind of learning that is facilitated with a mobile device (e.g. PDAs, smart phones, netbooks, e-Readers, Tablet PCs, iPods, iPads, etc.).

Developing m-Learning content can be as simple as reformatting an existing e-Learning course to display properly on a smart phone browser. An m-Learning project can also represent an extremely complex design and technical challenge where mobile platforms require real-time integration with existing learning networks.

While m-Learning is still in its infancy and there are presently early-stage technology challenges (e.g. multiple software and hardware platforms, lack of standards, evolving hardware capabilities) there are some relatively basic, stable, effective methods for organizations to utilize this technology.

Please contact a TDX Global representative to discuss any of the above Technology Services.